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ADULT Driver Training
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ALL Course Tuition must be paid in full (cash or by debit/credit) before training begins.
FOR YOUR Written
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Prefer to take this Adult 6 hour course ONLINE? ADULTS ages 18-24:  6 hour course including Written Exam  ~ $75.00
your choice of a 6 hour Defensive Driving Course for insurance discount
certificate of 10% off premiums OR a 6 hour Drugs and Alcohol Driving
Awareness Program for additional 5% insurance discount for 3 years, OR a 6 hour
Seatbelt Safety course to teach expectant or young mothers of safety features for
their families.                 
(Contract Link)
 It is Texas state law that anyone ages 18-24 must take a minimal 6 hour Driver
Education course prior to testing for their driver's license.  This course
does not provide
the same insurance discount with it that is available with the more intense Teen Driver
Training Program.
 Therefore, we include a Defensive Driving Course registration in our
fee, or the  Drugs and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program, or the Occupant, Child,
Passenger, Safetybelt course registration within
our PACKAGE fee. We encourage
you to attend these courses and receive insurance discounts as you enter this
expensive time in your driving life
.  Students may also purchase two hours of
practice with instructor behind the wheel for $60 more in preparation for your
roadway test with the DPS.
Prefer to take this Adult 6 hour course ONLINE? <CLICK LINK

Adults ages 25+:  6 hour Permit Preparation Instruction ~ $75.00
includes 6 hour Defensive Driving Course for insurance discount certificate of 10%
off premiums for 3 years                 
(Contract Link)
It is advised that the adult student comes to attend the 6 hour independently
advancing preparation course, in order to prepare for the Driver's License Permit
test, rather than simply testing at the DPS from their study of the DPS Handbook.  
This computer course is offered in English OR Spanish at Drive Trainers, and
scheduled during office hours at the student's convenience.

Adults ages 25+ who already have an instruction permit earned by
testing at the DPS:  Defensive Driving Course required ~ $30
Any adult who has already tested and earned their DPS issued Instruction Permit
may not purchse  Adult drive instruction hours prior to taking our Defensive
Driving Course.  Certificate of completion copy must be submitted in order to
begin scheduling drive times through our online scheduling calendar.

ALL Adults, submitting the proper forms, may be permit tested by the Texas DPS
at their convenience, OR with DTC for their Instruction Permit OR Written Drivers
Exam on scheduled evenings.  We will provide the offical Written Rules and
Signs test, and the Eye Exam, then give to you all paperwork for you to take to
the DPS to receive the Instruction Permit or to move forward to test on the road
with a DPS road examiner.  Ask for dates and times that apply.
    For Adult Written Exam Testing by
    instructors at DTC, please bring to
    our office your:

  • Social Security Card
  • Original STATE Birth Certificate
  • Additional approved form of
  • DL-14A application

Upcoming Classes for
18-24yr ADULTS   6 hour

FEB 12,13,14, 6:30PM-8:30PM
FEB 26, 27, 28,  6:15PM-8:15PM
MARCH 19,20,21  6:30PM-8:30PM
APRIL 2, 3, 4,  6:15PM-8:15PM
APRIL 16,17,18, 6:30PM-8:30PM
APRIL 30, MAY 1,2,  
MAY 21, 22, 23 5PM-7PM

If any of these course times don't work
in your schedule,
we encourage you to arrange
independent classes during the work day
with a one on one instructor
for $130.00
take our ONLINE Adult Driver's Ed course.  

Registration must be completed AT LEAST  
one day prior to first class day, BY 5pm !
"Let us hand you the
KEYS to our cars and
YOUR Driving Success!"
Adult Behind the Wheel Instruction All Ages ~ $50.00 per hour
We offer behind the wheel instruction for Adults who currently hold an
instruction permit or a driver's license and who have completed the
Defensive Driving portion of our training program first.

The behind the wheel drive times are 2 hours in length, and are rated at a hourly charge of $50.00.
The skills and needs of the driver will determine the amount of hours of training that will need to be purchased under contract by the
student.  It is our experience that a NEW/NEVER BEEN behind the wheel driver will require a minimum of 8 hours of instruction to be
read to test with the DPS roadway examiner
.  Drive times are scheduled conveniently for the student once driving fees are paid in full.  
Driving lessons are scheduled on  The server fee of $15 will be required in order to establish an account with

Any new driver simply wanting to schedule a "help session" of 2 hours prior to their going to test at the DPS with a roadway examiner
may schedule a $70 session through the office.

All BTW instruction is completed by licensed trainers in a one on one instruction setting in the car.

Pick up and drop off for instruction times is included in the cost of the lessons, but outside of the lesson time of two hours. Drive
times can be made to accommodate the student, but extremes must be avoided.  Hourly fees subject to change with the gasoline
cost flux.

Upon completion of Behind the Wheel training, the instruction permited student may purchase an additional drive session, for an
additional cost, allowing the student to complete their road test for their permanent driver's license in our DTC cars at the DPS bureau
(on MLK in the new Lubbock Business Park).  The cost of this road trip session is
$150.00.  All scheduling of these tests must be
made at the office, while accessing the DPS calendar of road test schedule availability, AND our instructors and vehicles.  

If student's show a language deficit, they will be required to provide their own interpreter for instruction to continue
learning to drive or receive a refund for all remaining unused paid tuition.
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